Knitting Sweaters

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Sweater Knitting Classes

Knit flattering sweaters you'll love to show off, with personalized guidance from the world's best instructors in the convenience of your own home.

Sunset Artemisia by Kajumama
The Seamless Artemisia Sweater by Woohoopepper
Artemisia Sweater by tmarie82

The Seamless Artemisia Sweater

Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark


The Seamless Artemisia Sweater

Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Worked from the top down, the Seamless Artemisia Sweater features set-in sleeves, knit-in pockets and lace details - all designed by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. See more

Lace Wedge Yoke Sweater by FeistyRedhead
Choose Your Own Cable-Necked Sweater by Christine Marie
3 Firsts In One by Purdy Cheese

Choose Your Own Sweater Adventure

Craftsy Craftsy


Mix and match design elements to create a flattering sweater you'll be proud to wear. Tell your style story in memorable fashion.

Fearless Hat by Amy Detjen
Fearless Hat Swatch by arachne_knits
Hat To Match My Mittens by ZoeOB

Simple Sweaters: Stranded & Steeked

Amy Detjen

Simplify stranded colorwork to knit striking sweaters you'll wear with glee! Find out how fun and friendly stranded colorwork sweaters are when Amy Detjen is your guide. See more

My First Sweater Pull Over by Amy Ross
My First Sweater Cardigan Ribbed Neck by Amy Ross
Cardigan with collar by darrowland

My First Sweater

Amy Ross


My First Sweater

Amy Ross

If you can knit and purl, you can make an amazing first sweater you'll love to wear. Knit along with Amy Ross to create a classic raglan pullover or a cute cardigan. See more

Steeked Sweater by Carol Feller
Ardara - now with Pockets! by jimiknits
Changing Length by Carol Feller

Sweater Surgery

Carol Feller


Sweater Surgery

Carol Feller

Give your ill-fitting hand-knit garments a little TLC and a new life with help from acclaimed knitwear designer Carol Feller.

GoofGirl's Aran Sweater by GoofGirl
Terra Verte Cables by Liz Nightingale
Custom Cabled Pullover by dorobo

Custom Cabled Pullovers

Carla Scott


Design along with Carla Scott, Executive Editor of Vogue Knitting, as you create a classic pullover featuring the cables of your choice. See more

Sweater Knitting Kits

Jumpstart your creativity with our best sweater knitting kits! These inspiring project kits are delivered directly to your doorstep and come complete with a stylish pattern and all the yarn you need to complete it.

Sweater Knitting Projects

See the sweater knitting projects fellow students are making with new skills. And, be sure to share your own!


by Lindaros

Paris Sweater

by msannicolo352475

Granddaughters' sweaters

by CatherineASm

XO sweater


Doll sweaters

by Nana Jo 54

My sweater

by Jeanniemv

Sweater Knitting Patterns

Shop hundreds of the best sweater and cardigan knitting patterns for adults and children alike. Support today's top independent designers.

Casual Cardigan

by Amanda Lilley

Snowcloud Cardigan

by Littletheorem

Opening Night

by Marly Bird

Flower Cardigan

by ewelina123


by Frogginette

Urban Houndstooth Cardigan

by TheSexyKnitter

Ramona Cardigan

by thebrownstitch

Yoga Wrap [VKW0506_16]

by Vogue Knitting