Knitting Hats

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Hat Knitting Kits

Stay warm in style! Shop our hat knitting kits for everything you need to make fashionable accessories: A designer pattern plus its perfect yarn pairing are included.

Hat Knitting Patterns

Explore hundreds of the best hat knitting patterns from today's top designers. Download your favorites today!

ROFL Monkey Hat Pattern

by Linda R Schmidt

ROFL Giraffe Hat Pattern

by Linda R Schmidt

The Hat In The Hat

by Just1MoreRow



Hat Knitting Projects

Seeking inspiration? Look no further than the beautiful hat knitting projects fellow knitters have created.


by leah bellsmith


by Phallie

The Lizzie Hat/Chemo Hat

by Debbie Fring

Spring Hat

by Tanja

Learn how to knit hats sure to be the envy of every knitter's eye, with guidance from the world's best instructors in convenient online classes. Watch anytime, anywhere, forever!

Hats Four Ways

Stefanie Japel



Hats Four Ways

Stefanie Japel

You’ll learn how to knit a hat with circular needles as you construct this cute and colorful collection. See more

Student Projects from this class

Rosie Hat

Rosie Hat

by shelley overhol

Sweet Pea Hat

Sweet Pea Hat

by Pamtsu

"Rosie" Hat

"Rosie" Hat

by avasquez0218