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Mad About Knit Mittens

By Emily Vanek
Knit MittensMittens for cold weather are hot right now. Mixing nostalgia into modern patterns, these are the perfect in-between knitting project when you want something a bit easier and faster than a blanket or shawl. Here we show you six beautiful patterns for mittens you can find right here on Craftsy! Read more »
knit cable pattern

Crazy for Knitted Cable Patterns

By Emily Vanek

Cable stitches are fun and can make your knitting look super intricate and complex, even if you use a basic cable. Explore knitting patterns that incorporate cables to see the versatility of this impressive stitch.

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Luscious Loom Knitting

By Emily Vanek
Loom KnittingAs if knitting on needles wasn’t enough, the latest craze to hit the yarn world is loom knitting! Learn the craft of the loom. Read more »

Herringbone Knit Pattern: For a Timeless, Elegant Look

By Sarah
Classic Knit HerringboneThe herringbone is a classic, elegant stitch that never fails to please! While the herringbone knit pattern is most associated with English men's jackets, made in a heavy twill fabric, it also works well for scarves, cowls, and blankets. Learn about the many ways to vary a herringbone look. Read more »

Bringing Log Cabin Beyond Quilts

By Emily Vanek
Log Cabin KnittingWhen you think of Log Cabin in crafting it probably brings to mind quilting: that classic square made up of smaller rectangles in light and dark fabrics. Well now you can have that same look, but by knitting! Come explore the Log Cabin knitting technique; a fun and simple way to incorporate a patchwork like pattern into any project. Read more »