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Free Pattern Friday: Embroidery, Quilts, & More

By Craftsy
Free Patterns EmbroideryIt's Friday and you know what that means here at Craftsy: we have a fresh new roundup of fun free patterns for you to enjoy. From a stylish zig zag scarf to a butterfly block to a cute cupcake card and more, grab the ones you like, keep busy over the weekend, and come on back next Friday! Read more »

How to Knit I-cord

By Sarah
I-cord KnittingLearn the basics of knitting I-cord and using it in your bind-off. Then get ideas for how you can use I-cord in your knitting; I-cord is a simple knitting technique that can add just the right detail to any project. All you need are two double point needles and your imagination! Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Quilts, Crochet, Jewelry & More

By Craftsy
Free Crochet PatternsDelight in a new roundup of free patterns this Friday! From a trendy beach tote to a stylish clutch purse or wire wrapped beach glass and a quilt design wall, you're sure to find a pattern you love. So snag the ones you'd like and be sure to check back every Friday to see our latest batch of fabulous free patterns. Read more »

Our April Fool’s Joke: Did You Know?

By Craftsy
April Fools Part 2You might recall that last year on April Fool's Day we released a pasta crafts class to take part in the spirit of tom foolery typically celebrated on April 1st. Well, this year we were back at it, trying to make our Craftsy members smile again. Did you notice we released Foundations of Foil Fashion on April Fool's Day? If you guessed it was a joke, you were right! Read more »

Knitting Backwards (& Avoiding Purling!)

By Emily Vanek
Knitting BackwardsKnitting backwards is a technique that has been around for ages. It is just as it seems. Instead of turning the work to purl the next row, you can simply knit that row backwards and it produces the same results. Still not convinced? Here are a few ways that knitting backwards can come in handy. Read more »

Shoulder Shaping: Short Row Options

By Craftsy
Shoulder Shaping Short Row OptionsIn the wide world of knitting we live in, it is easy to find a variety of sweater styles which rely on different kinds of construction: Seamed, seamless, top-down, bottom-up, drop-shoulder, raglan shoulder, set-in shoulder, and the list goes on. Consider trying short-row shoulder shaping on your next sweater project that calls for sloped shoulders, or practice it on swatches just as we’ve done here. It might just transform your sweater finishing altogether! Read more »