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The Craftsy Knitting and Crochet Patterns App

By Craftsy
Knitting and Crochet AppFind your next knitting and crochet projects in this FREE catalog of over 24,000 patterns from Craftsy independent designers! With the Craftsy Knitting and Crochet Patterns App you can instantly download the best patterns from around the world, thousands of which are FREE, in an easy to use PDF format. Read more »

Jazz Up Any Scarf with Ruffles

By Sarah Johnson
Knit RufflesScarves are one of the easiest knitting projects, right? Whenever you can’t think of what to make for someone or with a particular skein of yarn, you often default to: scarf. At least I do. So I’m always looking for interesting embellishments to jazz them up. One great option? Add ruffles! Read more »

Featured Pattern Designer: Posh Pooch Designs

By Craftsy
Posh Pooch DesignsDo you dress your dog? Meet Sara Sach of Posh Pooch's Pattern Store. With over 50 doggy patterns, from a cupcake dog hat to a hearts in a row dog sweater, available in her Craftsy store, Sara's designs have delighted folks from all over the world. Learn more about Sara's popular patterns which might be perfect for your pooch, and her success with running a Craftsy pattern shop. Read more »

How to Knit Stripes

By Sarah Johnson
How to Knit StripesStripes can be incorporated into any knitting project in a couple of ways; either through the use of self-striping yarn or by alternating between a couple of yarn colors. If you choose your own colors and alternate between skeins of yarn, you’ll need to designate a right side of your project and make sure you always incorporate your new yarn while working a right side row. Learn tricks for knitting stripes! Read more »

Help with Handmade Goods for Children

By Craftsy
Help with Handmade Goods for ChildrenJoin Craftsy Cares in helping to provide handmade goods for hospitalized children throughout the month of May, 2013. We’re thrilled to bring cheer by partnering with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, internationally recognized for its pioneering work in finding cures and saving children with pediatric cancer. Read more »
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How to Block Your Knits: A Tutorial + Helpful Tips

By Ashley Little

Ever had a sweater — store-bought or handmade — that just loses its shape? The sleeves are hanging at different lengths, and hems that used to hit at the hips now hang like a crop top. What can you do? You have to reshape it. Solve stretched-out knits with this blocking how-to.

Read more »

Discover the Norwegian Knitting Technique

By Sarah Johnson
Norwegian Knitting TechniqueThe Norwegian knitting technique is the fastest way to work a rib, or any pattern that calls for switching between purls and knits within a row. The yarn hold remains consistent, so there’s no constant moving of the yarn from front to back. Instead, you move the right-hand needle back and forth to get the yarn where it needs to be to create the purl. Read more »

Fast Knitting Patterns

By Ashley Little
In the mood for a quick knit? Here’s what to look for in a pattern to guarantee instant gratification. Plus, a few ideas for projects you can whip up whenever you find the time. Read more »