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#SweaterTogether With the Knitters of Craftsy!

What makes a knit-along different from any other knitting project? Well, it’s all about the group of knitters coming together and powering through at the same time — sharing trials, tribulations, successes and silly moments.

That’s why, for our brand new Tealeaf Sweater Knit-Along the knitters of Craftsy were eager to join in the fun!

Craftsy Knitters

Many of the knitters who work for Craftsy — more than two dozen of us! — are joining the #SweaterTogether knit-along, putting our own twist on Bristol Ivy’s cozy sweater design.

So far, we’ve picked our yarn and knit up our swatches — and even this early into the KAL, everyone’s experience is different.

Read on to meet some of your fellow knitters! Plus, join us on the blog each week to see our progress and share yours.

Theresa Rizzuto

Theresa, our email expert

A confident beginner, Theresa first learned to knit from Craftsy and is eager to dive into her first sweater (and learn even more along the way). Her dark gray yarn “just feels like the coziest color to me, perfect for a sweater I can layer on all season,” Theresa says.

Chelsea Nickerson Winding Yarn

Chelsea, our community guru

While Chelsea has been crafting with yarn for years, she considers herself a “knitting knewbie” (ha!). She has her hands in all kinds of creative pursuits: “I’ll pick a project, obsessively work on it until it’s all finished, then I might not pick my needles up again for a few months while I try some other creative projects like drawing or painting,” she says.

Mary Belzer

Mary, our tech maven

Another Craftsy Knit-Along inspired Mary to grab her needles for the first time! Now, she’s what you might call an “adventurous intermediate” knitter — Mary will try anything, but she’s first to admit that fixing mistakes and technical patterns might cause her some trouble.

Carly Chappel

Carly, our customer support manager

While Carly first learned to knit 15 years ago, “it wasn’t until working at Craftsy that I picked it up again, and with the encouragement of my co-workers, I’ve continued to be inspired,” she says. These days, Carly always has a project on her needles (not to mention her other crafts, including cross-stitch). To balance her bright wardrobe, Carly picked a light taupe yarn that can mix and match with everything.

Sunne Meyer Opening Box of Yarn

Sunne, our yarn developer

Sunne, our “yarn sensai” and a Craftsy instructor, has been knitting for yearns and has needles in her hands every day. “All my projects are a little record of what was going on in my life, who I was knitting with and what I was inspired by at the time,” Sunne says. For her Tealeaf Sweater, she’s using a deep chocolate brown color, a color she says is missing in her wardrobe.

And many more! We’re excited to meet all the other knitters who join us in this project. Do you plan to knit along with us? Please, introduce yourself in the comments!

Sweater Together at craftsy

Let’s #SweaterTogether

Find out what our Tealeaf Sweater Knit-Along is all about. We hope you can join us!Check It Out


Sylvia Snell

As a “sweater newbie” I am not full of confidence…yet! that I can do this! I am working on my ‘short row’ class, hope to see my yarn SOON! All mail is suspended due due to Hurricane Irma! (So I’ll just keep practicing ‘short rows’ til I can join in with the Group. I’m excited to DO this!

DellaJ Underwood

Yes, I’m joining everyone else in this venture. I never knit for myself, just family and occasionally friends. This sweater will be MINE.

Susan Lerner

Had a hard time deciding on my yarn, so still waiting for it to arrive. Looking forward to this project. I’m an advanced beginner, who has completed 2 sweaters for my 6 yo granddaughter. This will be my first adult project. Hope there are other Brooklynites knitting along!

Christine aka KittyChris

Oh good, I see someone appears to be using the Autumn Heather like I am! I haven’t knit my swatch yet, I wanted to try to finish the pair of socks that I have been working on. Hopefully now that summer is over I can find more time to knit and finish those socks. Really looking forward to this.

Joan Dickerson

I chose Autumn Heather too! Must be the pumpkin spice craving I’m feeling! Latte anyone?

Suzanne Larson

Hi knitters. I am Suzanne and I live on the coast of Massachusetts in a small town called Scituate. I’ve been knitting off and on since I was a young girl but haven’t put my needles down since I was in my late twenties. My passion is sweater knitting.
I love the design of Tealeaf and am excited to get started. I will make a couple sizes smaller than I now measure because I am in the process of loosing weight.
Since I have a large stash I have decided to go stash diving for my yarn. My first choice is Cumbria by The Fiber Company in the colorway Hadrian’s Wall, a beautiful charcoal.

Rosann Fuller

How are they able to swatch the lace? I would love to have hat swatch pattern now.
I would love to work on that! My Sprightly crimson arrived and is so wonderful!

Rebecca G

I began my first sweater with the Off Our Needles KAL, the Zadie Sweater. It’s looking awesome!! I had to put it down since it’s holiday knitting time and I’m busy knitting for others. But I’m super excited to start on the Tea Leaf sweater! One of the few things I’m knitting for myself! It will be my second sweater so I hope it turns out okay. I chose the Cloudborn superwash merino speckled yarn in Birthday Cake to try something new. So excited!

Sue McCarron

I live in central Massachusetts and have just started taking on many more challenging knitted projects. I have completed the back of my first adult sweater, and not made it any further. This KAL will be perfect to get me through the shaping, pockets, neckline and sleeves. I’m sure the sweater I already started will be a breeze once I finish this. Most of the more complicated knitting techniques I know were learned here at Craftsy, and I can’t say enough good things about this learning format! I chose Caron Simply Soft Tweeds yarn for my project due to it’s affordability.

Margaret Hayes

How do I get some help about the pattern? I am an accomplished knitter, but am confused by one row. I am so far behind that I am only to the row where you start the k1, p1, k1, p2, k1, p1. The instructions say to knit in pattern as est and place a marker. But does the stitch count listed include the 2 beginning stitches or not?

Kristin Doherty

Hi Margaret! I think our FAQs from Week 1 might be helpful: And remember, in the class platform, Bristol and your fellow knitters can help answer questions! You might even find that someone else had the same question as you.

DellaJ Underwood

I’m finally posting. I, too, am far behind. Probably shouldn’t have started a KAL because I have two hats on the needles right now, but I am enjoying the “Tea leaf sweater” knitting. I have made mistakes, but overall, this seems to be a great pattern and I truly love the lace! Thanks, Bristol! At present, I am finally on the stockinette body part, about 5 inches up. Slow going, I know. I am thankful for the pattern and will be making this one again.


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