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How Obsessed With Knitting Are You?

We’re all in love with knitting, but are you truly obsessed? Take a look at our list of signs to find out how bad you have the knitting bug.

1. You’re thinking about devoting an entire room to yarn storage.

Yarn Storage

The more you buy, the more you knit. But that stash still just seems to be building up regardless! Don’t worry, your kid won’t miss his bedroom.

2. You plan vacations around yarn.

Maybe you just happen to be in Rhinebeck during the Sheep & Wool Festival. Or maybe you’re visiting a city that has the most yarn stores per square mile. Either way, your spouse is getting suspicious.

3. You keep a project with you at all times — you know, just in case of an emergency.

You never know when you might have a few minutes to sneak in some stitches, whether it’s in a waiting room or in rush-hour traffic.

4. You can’t leave the yarn store without making a purchase.

It’s just too tempting.

5. You know where all the closest yarn stores are, even if you’re not in your hometown.

You’re like a map app when it comes to yarn stores. You can navigate anyone to all the closest yarn stores — even the ones that are hundreds of miles away.

6. Your email inbox is flooded with newsletters about yarn.

This just makes the temptation to purchase even greater.

Knitting Notions on Chalkboard

7. When it comes to notions, you have three of everything.

Tape measures, stitch marker sets, needles of the same size — you never know when you might need an extra. They’re also great to have on hand in case you meet a beginner knitter who might need to borrow an extra notion!

8. The vendors at the fiber festival know you by name.

You’re a loyal customer, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

9. Family and friends introduce you as “the friend who knits.”

“This is Ashley. She’s my friend I told you about who knits.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been introduced this way, and I love it!

10. You can identify specific yarns and color names just by looking at them.

Malabrigo, Cloudborn, Plymouth, Rowan — you’ve stitched with all of them, and you can recognize them immediately.

11. You’re thinking about buying an alpaca or an angora rabbit.

You could knit with your dog’s fur, sure, but an alpaca or angora rabbit would be more desirable.

12. You have several circles of knitting friends.

When you say you’re hanging out with your knitting friends, outsiders know to steer clear!

13. You lose sleep to finish a project.

Who needs 8 hours of sleep when you can have 8 hours of knitting?

14. You advertise your love of knitting everywhere, from your car to your clothing.

Your knitting bumper stickers only serve to accentuate the “I love knitting” T-shirt you wear at least once a week.

15. Your pets have names like Knit and Purl.

It only gets confusing when you’re trying to knit and call for your pets at the same time.

16. Your family members know not to expect store-bought gifts from you anymore.

But no one’s complaining about those cozy socks you made last year!

Knitting With blue Yarn

17. You can’t watch a movie or TV without knitting.

Multi-tasking is a great way to get in even more knitting time. Plus it stops you from eating so much popcorn.

18. Knitters of all levels come to you for stitch help.

You’re like a knitting doctor. No matter what the project, you always help find a solution!

19. Everything in your home is knitted.

Ottoman? Check. Throw blankets? Check. Stool covers? Check. Your home is one cozy abode!

20. You have enough hand knit sweaters to wear a different one every day for a month.

Your knitting obsession is nothing new, and your wardrobe proves it!

Do you recognize any of these signs in your knitting life?

Share some of the signs, whether it’s these or other signs you’ve noticed, below in the comments!


Michelle L Gibson

Most of these apply to me! And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Barbara Lowell

oh yea, and I am loving it … just got back into knitting last year and things have so modernized I just love all the gadgets, especially my hiya hiya interchangeable and my yarn dye equipment … having so much fun!


I know what you mean. I hadn’t knitted for years until last year, when I discovered circular knitting needles. Now I am back to where I used to be with several projects on the go so that I always have something to do.

Craftsy and You Tube did not exist when I learned to knit and crochet, it was taught mother to daughter, but there is so much to learn out there now. I love it more than ever.

Della Underwood

Oh, Barbara. I bought the Hiya Hiya sock interchangeables and have been knitting one sock at a time! I used to hate socks and only knitted them using magic loop, which I can still do with these wonderful needles, but I’m enjoying the one at a time process since these needles came in the mail. Just had to share when I saw your comment. 😉

marcia gulledge

me, too!! and it’s getting more intense!!

Jennifer M

I have got back to knitting and crocheting after many years of no time and am loving it. I do routinely carry my bag with my current project almost everywhere. I am loving the wonderful yarns and projects from Craftsy. Also the classes – I am learning so much and now I have to find knitting friends. So much fun!!!


These apply to me too. I am going to try the new (to me) curved double point knitting needles. They sound very interesting. I like to knit in the round and these will make things easier. I wont have to worry about any stitches slipping off my needles and I will only nee 3 needles, two to co yarn to and one to knit with. So much better than trying to use 4 or 5 needles. I do like to try new things.


21. You have small projects scattered throughout the house – the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom – can’t waste any potential knitting time.

22. You knit at stoplights

23. You always try to have a project in a mindless stage (like the body of a top-down raglan sweater or a hat) so that you can knit in the dark. That way you can knit during concerts or at the movie theater or while you are a passenger in a car at night.

* I actually do all of these! *


I can actually relate to ALL of these! I have an additional item though…You have a friend show you how to work Instagram JUST so you can get instant info on knit shoppe updates!

Kaye Tamez

Love this list & I’m guilty of most! And I, too, knit at stoplights but prefer that others do the driving so I can knit. I have ACTUALLY knitted at the Rodeo – yes, the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show, and at Minute Maid Park watching the Astros. In fact, I draw the line (uh, so far . . . ) no knitting in Church or the Opera; everything else is fair game.


I was just reading this to my husband and I said I’m not addicted because I don’t knit at the symphony or the ballet or church :0)

Janice Cook

Most apply to me! I don’t take knitting to church, but otherwise I will carry a project. No stoplight knitting though because I’m driving!

Marlyn Anderson

I too bring a project bag just about everywhere I go. Lots of knitting happens in Dr. office waiting areas or exam rooms while my husband sees the Dr. I do have to make an effort to stop the quilting and knit while at home tho.


I broke my wrist 2 weeks ago and am having serious knitting withdrawal. I even tried to knit with my cast on but it was too painful. Guess I will just have to yarn bomb my cast to at least feel the yarn!


In my life, not only does my project bag go everywhere I do, but a pin for knitting Portuguese-style is always within reach–two on shirts, one in the project bag, and one under the car dashboard–just in case. One time I found myself without a pin and learned I could do just as well with the yarn around my neck, just like those women (and men) all over the world!


I have an emergency hat on the needles in the glove compartment of both cars, just in case. I actually do knit in church, with full permission of the Ministers. I don’t want anyone to think I am disprespectul but it helps me to concentrate on the message if my hands are busy on a very simple project. I think I am actually paying more attention to what is being said if I’m not figeting. I’m also part of a group that knits prayer shawls so I make them during the service.

Carol Y

Me too (knit in church, adult Sunday School, conferences, etc). I also find that I can focus better when my hands are occupied. I don’t need to look at my hands or needles to knit (can knit in the dark) unless it’s a complicated pattern and I don’t take those with me when I’m multitasking. I see people checking smart phones, doodling etc. so anyone who thinks we knitters are not paying attention is mistaken. Knit on!


Suddenly, I got a tear in my eye remembering with great fondness my dearly departed hamster, Purl. Sniff!

Cathy Moses

Emergency knitting bag, check.
Knitting ready when tv comes on, check.
More crafty things in my email than anything else, check.
….the friend/family member that knits (and crochets, and generally does ever crafty thing), check!
Love them all.

Carol Y

Guilty as charged! I can relate to most all of these. I would add that when I travel, I pack my knitting projects and supplies first. Then I pack my clothes. I’d go bonkers if I got caught off-guard without something to knit. Knitting is a great conversation starter. No matter where we are when we knit. Someone will initiate a conversation with us.?


Everything except 14 and 15 for me lol. But not just knitting, include sewing, spinning, embroidery, weaving, dyeing, crochet if it involves fibre or thread I’m probably doing it in some form or another


The list and comments all sound so familiar! one more to add – “You knit or crochet until you fall asleep so you can wake up raring to go” I prefer to fall asleep with crochet… too easy to drop stitches while “sleep knitting” as my hubby calls it.


All of the above….except I already have a room dedicated to yarn/supply storage. Much to the chagrin of my family members!!! 😉

Barbara A Clauss

Just one room? I have the entire basement (yes, it is a full basement – the size of the house).

Mary Strauss

I had to check off almost every one of the above signs of knitting addiction!
But what a wonderful thing to be addicted to. It is productive, contributes to the world economy, provides relaxation, education, topics of conversation,friendship and entertainment, all in a small easily portable package.


Family and friends know when you’re counting. They sometimes answer for me in conversations with, ‘shh, she’s counting.’ I also took a great deal of flack for knitting in line at an amusement park last summer. It took some planning to pull off – socks on short dpns.


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