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Knit It, Wear It! 6 Stylish Ways to Wear Knitted Boot Cuffs

When I design, often the inspiration is making a piece that I would like to wear myself. But in the case of the boot liner, this accessory didn’t really exist yet several years ago.

I wanted something decorative to pop out of the top of my boots — not way out, just a few inches. I tried decorative knee-high socks but found that they weren’t adjustable because you were limited by the foot. So the boot liner was born!


After doing some internet perusing, I found a couple of Etsy shops that sold “boot cuffs.” They were 4″-5″ knitted cuffs that you position to wear with boots. The boot cuffs were easy enough to design, so I made and wore a pair.

I found that they tend to move around on your leg as you sit down and stand up, so they constantly need adjusting. I tried making them longer, like a leg warmer, which solved the issue of constantly fiddling around with them. I also tried to include some details in the design that you can’t find in store-bought versions.


So what do I have against feet and socks?

  • With socks, you can’t move the cuff up on your leg to wear with taller boots.
  • If you have snug-fitting boots, the foot is really uncomfortable to wear, especially if you are using a yarn heavier than sock weight.
  • Socks are time- and yarn-consuming to make — you may find that you love boot liners so much, you want a pair for every occasion. The beauty of these is that they are quick projects and make great gifts.
  • The skill level for socks is much higher than for boot liners.

How to style your boot liners

This is going to be your new “go-to” accessory for fall. Can’t wait that long? Well, relax — I have a short “bootie” liners pattern that’s perfect for summer pairings of floral dresses and short boots. It’s all about versatility, my friend! Here are several wear-it options:

Print Print Print Print Print Print

So there you have it — a new place to wear hand-knits! And let me tell you, people will stop you and ask, “Where did you get those?”

Like what you see? The short Mary Jane Lacy Liners for Short Boots and the tall Honey Boot Liners are available now right here on Craftsy as kits, which come with the yarn and pattern — it’s a no-brainer.


Need some help with circular knitting? Check out my Craftsy class, Essential Skills for Circular Knitting.

Pam Powers Craftsy InstructorPam Powers is a freelance knitwear designer living in sunny Orange County, California, with her wonderful husband and two lovely children. Her designs have appeared in Interweave Knits, Twist Collective, Belle Armoire and Apronology. Visit her blog at or on Facebook at PamPowersKnits.



i love boot cuffs too, i have been making them for about 4 years now – yours are very cute too! one thing i would love to know is, the rubber gumboots you have in this blog post – where did you get them? i love that style but have been unable to find them locally. looking forward to your reply 🙂


I have some rubber boots similar to the ones in the picture and they are made by Hunter. I’m not sure where local is to you, but you can find them many places online, and in some retail stores.

Pam Powers

They are made by Dirty Laundry and the style is called “Roadhouse”. Mine are about 8 years old, but I saw a listing for them on Amazon and they are CHEAP if they have your size!


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