Wire heart

Who is this project for? Women

You Can Make This

DeFactory made Wire heart with:

  • Copper wire and bead

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with DeFactory

susansmuse asked:
Do you sell?
DeFactory answered:
Yes, I could sell it by etsy.
Creadeus asked:
Beautiful wirework! Love it!
DeFactory answered:
Thank you so much Creadeus!
Geri. asked:
Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing.
DeFactory answered:
Thank you Geri!
rtchrh asked:
Is this a project featured so that we can learn to make it? If so, where do you find the directions?
DeFactory answered:
If you ask me about tutorial I say I haven't any tutorial of this pendant. It's made straight from my mind :)
spiritedgemstones asked:
I like this, simple and elegant.
DeFactory answered:
thanks so much!

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