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Wide hoop earrings - 3 ways

Sterling silver with 3 different finishes - matte, shiny and rolling mill texture

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lauriebfi16548254 made Wide hoop earrings - 3 ways with:

Fabricating Dimensional Metal Jewelry

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Fabricating Dimensional Metal Jewelry

with Lisa Colby

Project Description

Sterling silver with 3 different finishes - matte, shiny and rolling mill texture

Q&A with lauriebfi16548254

mamapongo16608549 asked:
Hi Laurie, I was admiring your unique display. Is that just a birch branch? How did you attach the bracelets? Also I want to get a rolling mill, any recommendation brand wise? Lovely work. Thank you Irene Comstock.
lauriebfi16548254 answered:
Hi Irene, Thanks for your kind words! The display is actually a piece of rolled aspen bark that I collected while out on a walk. To attach the earrings, I carefully pierced holes in the bark with a push pin. You can't see it in the photo, but I placed a rock as a support inside the rolled bark to keep it balanced for the photo. It kept wanting to roll forward from the heaviness of the earrings. Rolling Mills......I bought an economy rolling mill which has been okay to use, but I wish I would have invested in a better one. The gears on mine need to be adjusted after every few uses because they skip and don't align properly. It is also very time consuming to change the pattern rolls. There are a ton of articles comparing rolling mills and you can copy and paste the following links in a new window to read more about all the choices. Thanks again for your feedback and good luck with your purchase! Laurie Fisher

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