Viking knit chain necklace with Toggle c

Project Description

Who is this project for? Unisex

What you will need

  • I have made this lightweight chain with fine 28 gauge copper wire
  • giving it a delicate look whilst it remains very strong. I have finished the chain with handmade wire cones on either end and a toggle clasp
  • which you can wear at the front
  • as the focal point of the necklace. The necklace is 16 1/2" long and the loop of the toggle clasp measures 3/4" across. This item comes in a gift box.

Q&A with Abby Hook

FoxDesigns asked:
First of all, this is an awesome piece. Second, ironically enough, my favorite part of this piece is your handmade cone, it gives the piece amazing character. Any chance you could tell me how you made the cone???
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you!! The cones are taught as part of my Viking chain tutorial:
FoxDesigns asked:
Oh, one more thing, I simply love copper. What do you treat your copper pieces with to prevent tarnishing??
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you for your comment FoxDesigns. All metals will discolour with time if they are not cleaned. I reduce the effect with copper by cleaning it with a mild detergent and a soft nylon brush once I have finished making it and then polishing it with a gold polishing cloth which has been impregnated with an anti tarnish agent, this greatly reduces the discolouring process ;) If your copper does start to discolour, you can clean it back to a shine with a soft nylon brush and some toothpaste (make sure you rinse it well). I hope this helps :)
DeFactory asked:
Absolutely perfect!:)
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)
sewlittletime asked:
Love the copper!
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)