Tiny Pendant from Precious Metal Clay

Project Description

Who is this project for? Other What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take the advice of Jenny, the class instructor. Use the mistake (or mishap) as a design opportunity. Experiment and practice what you've learned.

What you will need

  • PMC3
  • micro torch
  • metal stamp

Q&A with One Simple Gift

Kim Lynch asked:
Nice save. Would not have guessed it was salvaged at all let alone from the before picture!
One Simple Gift answered:
Thank you. When it got the bubble while heating it, I had a moment of panic then decided it was a great learning opportunity and went with it.
Jenny Vestal asked:
It's adorable. Remember, "there are no such things as mistakes, only new design directions" ; ). Not a bad life motto, either, when it comes to that. I'm so glad you were able to make your piece into something you will love....that is important too, when mastering a new skill. Can you tell us how you added the flowers? They have a nice deep relief. Good work!
One Simple Gift answered:
I stamped it with a metal stamp. I figured what harm could it do? It was already not what I had originally envisioned. If it didn't work out I was going to melt it into a ball and use it on something else.
MissMary1585 asked:
What did you use to create the small flowers?
One Simple Gift answered:
I made the flowers by stamping it with a metal stamp once it had cooled.

Skill Level