Thinking of Spring

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? The feeling of warmth captured through the copper and color in the beads. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to experiment with different gages of wire.

What you will need

  • 14 and 20 gage bare copper wire and assorted amazonite beads.

Q&A with TjeCan

CalliopeKitten asked:
Looks fantastic!!!
TjeCan answered:
FoxDesigns asked:
Awesome work.... again!!!
TjeCan answered:
Thanks so much! Did you get all unpacked?
Grammy Schmidt asked:
I want to try this. It is fabulous!
TjeCan answered:
Thank you! It was really fun to do. I had to measure and be disciplined in making the frame and the "trellis" for the structure of the bracelet but I just let the beads drop where it felt right. It is so fun when it all comes together!
Linda Correll asked:
love this, where can I find out how to make it?
TjeCan answered:
Hi Linda. If you are used to working with wire, the suggestions I included here should help you get started. If you haven't done much with wire then I suggest that you start with a free tutorial for a wire cuff. There is one at Wickwire jewelry. You can just google it. That is how I started. Once I did Nancy's free tutorial a couple of times then I started to try making my own designsa and that is how I made this one. Please post your results so we can all see it! Thanks for the kudos! I am still not sure if people are going to like my jewelry so it is nice to get posts!
Oceans Gems asked:
I just finished making this cuff without beads,,,, and it looks lovely. I used 14 ga aluminum copper (only because this was a 1st trial) with a 24 gauge dark copper.It's soft, and took me a good 3 hours. Mine is a bit different, but now that I know the structure, I can see making different ones. Thank you TjeCan for posting, and I will wear mine with pride. :) thanks! and good luck!
TjeCan answered:
Please post so we can see it!

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