Thank you Kate Richbourg!!!

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I did do a couple of the stacking rings successfully, and jumped right into using the pattern wire. The ring turned out great!! I have to honest though, the fact the pattern seam is almost perfect was an accident - a really happy one, but I didn't plan it ;p What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to try torching. You can add some really great design possibilities, skills and techniques to your repertoire without burning down the house :))

What you will need

  • Sterling Silver pattern wire

Q&A with Bobbi Maw

Lisa_Marie. asked:
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you Lisa_Marie!!
Susan Bowerman asked:
Wow! Impressive. Nice job. Guess I better fuel that torch I just bought and watch the class.
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you very much Susan!! Fire it up! You'll love the class! :)
nailtechgail@yahoo.com asked:
AWESOME!!! I have the little Micro Torch class too, and now I have the Metal Smithing at Home....haven't had any real time to mess with it yet...but I am going that way : )
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you NailtechGail!! I have only just started watching the Metalsmithing at Home, it's great and Kate is a hoot! I just sooooo need 36 hour days!! lol
Rocky Treasures asked:
Awesome!!!! From me too! I also have both but could use even an undisturbed 12 hour day to practice. You have inspired me to get started!
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you very much Rocky!! Both are great classes - you'll injoy them!!
Bobbi Maw asked:
Forgot to mention, I found a great micro torch at Walmart of all places. $25.00 with 3 extra attachments AND Butane!!! It pays to occasionally wander aimlessly through Walmart at 2am :))
Bobbi Maw answered:
Don't forget to look in the plumbing department Andie, that's where the tourch was in my local Walmart. my best advice Andie, is to just jump right in and don't be afraid to experiment. :)

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