Tatted Chain Necklace

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • #10 crochet cotton
  • 5 different colours

Q&A with m-bellishment

Frippson asked:
Seen tatting yesterday evening for the first time, never knew what it was. Saw some beautiful examples...got an insight into it. I want to know more about it. Beautiful work and I love the use of colours. x
m-bellishment answered:
I have found it hard to find advanced information, but the basics are readily available. Just google it, and you'll find some patterns which are centuries old, to basic how-to instructions. It is really only two knots (or two half knots if you will) which make up the technique, and whether you decide to work with a needle or with a shuttle, you can do it all. The only thing to remember when you are wanting to create you own patterns is that the linking of the picots (the little, single yarn loops on the larger tatted rings) is what gives tatting structure. If you link them all together, then you will have a surface;if you don't, then things have to opportunity to stick out, like they do here.