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Sterling Silver Fancy Bangle Bracelets

Who is this project for? Women

You Can Make This

angeleyes777 made Sterling Silver Fancy Bangle Bracelets with:

  • Sterling silver patterned wire
  • sterling solder
  • fire

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with angeleyes777

slox204636 asked:
Did you have any trouble soldering the patterned wire? I brought some and am finding hard to get the solder to flow
angeleyes777 answered:
If you're heating and heating and heating, and the solder won't flow, it sounds like your torch isn't burning hot enough. I did have to use a bigger torch (bigger than my regular micro-torch) on these, as it's a lot of silver to heat. And, of course, the solder won't flow if the silver can't get hot enough. I learned that after wasting a lot of my time trying to make it work with my regular torch. It took forever, but did finally work. With the bigger torch, it only takes a few seconds to make the solder flow.

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