Steampunk Clay Pendants

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? The way the colours blend on that black piece. I love it so much I took it out of the sale pile and kept it for myself :D

What you will need

  • Polymer clay
  • watch parts
  • some metal charms
  • and lots of makeshift stamps!

Q&A with Gayle Bird

Rockland Rocks asked:
Even though I'm a one-of-a-kind crafter, I admire your production work. I especially like the way your pieces are wire-wrapped in such a way that the wrapping does not "overcome" the piece. Love them all!
Gayle Bird answered:
Thanks!! I LOVE one-of-a-kind stuff but I also love paying the bills :D I try to do a mix of both.
Badgersue asked:
These are really beautiful - I'd love to see a class on this.
Gayle Bird answered:
I WAS planning on doing a downloadable pattern this weekend but instead got hit by a nasty head cold. Maybe next weekend!!
IndaChelepska asked:
When you say makeshift stamps... what exactly do you mean? And how did you get the final product to look so metal like? You can't get that sort of colours with chalk pastel... Anyway, LOVED this craft, I'm pretty into steampunk myself so really digging the artstyle
Gayle Bird answered:
I actually have a pattern up in my store!! It has ALL the details :)