Spring Fling

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I'm most proud of the fact that even when a project frustrates me (the wire doesn't cooperate, for example), I've learned to work with the materials instead of against them. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Play with the materials! Different 'eggs' will yield different results. I've used freshwater pearls in this necklace. That required a thinner wire than what I'd used before. Round 4mm beads also work well. Take the inspiration piece and make it your own, though. Don't outright copy... put yourself and your "twist" on the piece! (It will mean more to you!)

What you will need

  • Wire
  • bird charms
  • glass flowers

Q&A with holly.ross.05

suzycue asked:
Absolutely LOVE this!!! I wish I could make it but I don't know the first thing about all the different parts : (
holly.ross.05 answered:
What do you mean?
suzycue asked:
I've never made a piece of jewelry and I wouldn't know what to purchase. So many kinds of wire and connector things...I made a bracelet once out of dominoes but it was put together with elastic string!
holly.ross.05 answered:
Oh...okay. Well, you would need head pins (straight 'pins' with a flat end), jump rings (little circles that you can twist apart), a toggle clasp, the bird charms, glass flower beads, crystals to form the center of the flowers, 24 gauge wire for the nest, freshwater pearls for the eggs, and chain. I used Vintaj Brass (brand name available online and at some hobby stores) chain, birds, toggle, wire, jump rings, and head pins. My suggestion to you... go to your local Wal Mart and pick up some craft wire and 4mm beads to practice the nest. You can find jump rings and chain there, too. You probably won't find everything, but that's okay. Just try it! Don't be afraid.
mollyj asked:
absolutely beautiful. I have no experience, but would love to learn this. Thanks for shasring
holly.ross.05 answered:
rosie-josie asked:
This is absolutely beautiful. Am trying to find a way to print a picture of it so I can see what I can do. Any help?
holly.ross.05 answered:
Thanks! While I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my suggestion is take the basic idea and add your own signature to it. As far as copying the picture, I don't know if you can. Some sites are protected and don't allow copying of project ideas.
birdmom asked:
i like the colors you chose, knowing that lots of other combinations would also be good. I like the front clasp which I assume is handmade. I would have liked it if you described how you made the next...the rest seems pretty clear from the picture.
holly.ross.05 answered:
The nests are not tricky at all, they just look it. Start with about 3 feet of 24 or 26 gauge wire and add 3 freshwater pearls to the wire, sliding them down about 2 inches. Wrap the short end of wire around the long end a couple of times to secure. Then, you start going round and round and round the pearls. I tuck and twist the wires, too, feeding the ends through both the top bottom of the nest. Keep doing it until you get the size nest you want--kinda depends on how big your pearls (or round gemstones) were to begin with. I've made about 25 so far and no two are identical because the wire behaves differently adding character to the nest. Hope this helps.

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