Created by: Abby Hook

Skeleton leaf pendant - Midland Hawthorn

Who is this project for? Women

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Abby Hook made Skeleton leaf pendant - Midland Hawthorn with:

  • Another version of my Skeleton leaf. This time based on a Midland Hawthorn. Like common hawthorn
  • Midland hawthorn is ideal for wildlife-friendly gardens
  • where its dense

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with Abby Hook

VicMansfield asked:
I love your copper work - they are beautiful!! How to do you stop the copper from discolouring and leaving a green a stain on your skin?? :)
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you for your comment Vic. All metals will discolour with time if they are not cleaned. I reduce the effect with copper by cleaning it with a mild detergent and a soft nylon brush once I have finished making it and then polishing it with a gold polishing cloth which has been impregnated with an anti tarnish agent, this greatly reduces the discolouring process ;)

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