Silver Stacking Rings

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • Silver Filled wire

Q&A with Ella1285

AkuaDesigns asked:
YAY! I covet these, and want to make my own. Thanks for the further inspiration!
Ella1285 answered:
mambolady asked:
Beautiful! I didn't know you could solder silver filled. That's great!
Ella1285 answered:
Thank you! I love love love silver filled products...you can pretty much treat them just like solid silver, and they cost less! If you do decide to use silver filled products, file and sand as little as possible, because while the silver layer is waay thickeer than on silver plate items, there's still a base metal core in there. If you file too much, you can expose it.
l0ve2sew asked:
Ella1285 answered:
Thank you!

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