silver circles with glass

Project Description

Who is this project for? Unisex What are you most proud of? I was able to add to the silver without blowing up the house- What advice would you give someone starting this project? have fun with it and take your time- sometimes things may not go the way you plan yet roll with the clay and let it express itself through you and sometimes it turns out ok even without your help-

What you will need

  • silver art clay
  • everheat kiln
  • coe 90 glass
  • slants
  • design press
  • parchment paper
  • dry time
  • silver syringe
  • brass brush
  • silver polish square
  • pantina
  • cutters

Q&A with ARGrover

Jenny Vestal asked:
OMG that is so cool! Forgive me for sounding like a valley girl, but it never would have occurred to me to set a bar of glass like that! What happened to the bar in the kiln is great. I love it. :D
ARGrover answered:
actually I had to refire the ends of the glass because it came out just as I put it in, just a strip so the ends were not rounded and I didnt want to over heat it in the kiln for fear of the other things I had in at the time- and I refired it again because I didnt have the little circle thing on it the first time.. fighting with snakes and I still need to add an attachment to it so I can either hang it or put it on another piece..this is one of my learning items and I couldnt find the correct glass.. :) I was trying to practice snakes but well, we just dont get along much snakes and I.
RosieMeadow asked:
Very nice!
ARGrover answered:
thank you :) I just added a circle on the back of it so now it can be worn :) one of those details I forgot about in my desire to see if I could make something :)

Skill Level