Satin Rattail and Chain Bracelet

Project Description

Who is this project for? Other What are you most proud of? i love sharing my creativity with everyone!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? i could try to explain how i did this, but im afraid i might miss a step... so if you have any questions please ask me!! its rather simple once you get started... 3 strands of chain, the same length.. about an inch shorter than you want the end product to be... make sure the links are big enough for the satin to fit through twice.. i left the satin on the spool so i didnt have to cut it.. and then you weave the end through all three strands on the first link, skip a set of links then come back through with the satin.. continue until the end and leave hmm maybe 6-8 inches... then estimate the length you will need off the spool (go longer its not that expensive to waste a little) then weave back through the bracelet ... making sure you go in from the opposite side, but same end (dont connect it yet) be sure to go through the last link of the chain, if its off pattern either take a link off or add a link to each strand... when you have gotten to the end, the chain should be open with two strands of satin, close the bracelet by sending one strand through the last links of the other end of the bracelet..put it on and check for length and adjust it by adding or taking away links if you need to... then knot the ends, leave about 4-5 inches hanging..and if you havent melted the ends with a lighter, do so now... sometimes melting it will secure the knot, if it doesnt, add a drop of clear drying glue... tie the ends together to wear the bracelet!! if you have any questions, please ask!! dusk2dawndesigns@gmail.com

What you will need

  • Satin Rat-tail
  • Variegated Neon... sliver plated chain with links large enough to fit the rat-tail through twice..

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