Rita's Ruby Ring

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? The cabochon was very badly cut (but apart from that lovely). The bottom side isn't flat (it looks as if about half of it broke off) and the girdle very uneven and it wasn't easy to find a nice ring design. Finally I stumbled over CrossedWire's wonderful Cabochon Curves Ring tutorial, and it was just perfect. I used slightly larger wire gauges than suggested in the tutorial and a much denser weave, and I simply love the result. What advice would you give someone starting this project? CrossedWires' tutorial is great but it's an advanced project due to the fine wire and setting a cabochon instead of a bead. The weaving is easier when slightly larger wire gauges are used, but larger gauges make it a bit more difficulkt to wrap the woven strip around the cab. So I think the best tip is practice, practice, practice.

What you will need

  • 11m ruby cabochon
  • 22g and 28g sterling silver wire CrossedWires' Cabochon Curves Ring Tutorial:

Q&A with HeikeK

watersmelon asked:
Wow! Beautiful. I'm impressed.
HeikeK answered:
Thank you! It's a lovely design and a very good tutorial.
Godsbakingchild asked:
what class or classes do you need to take to make this absolutely beautiful jewelry?????
HeikeK answered:
I've used CrossedWiresJewelry's Cabochon Curves Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial: Last week I've used the same tutorial but with a very different weave for another ring:, and I'm still in awe how different it looks. It's a great tutorial and a beautiful design.