Created by: Daw B Designs

Quan Yin Buddha Necklace

Who is this project for? Women

You Can Make This

Daw B Designs made Quan Yin Buddha Necklace with:

  • This necklace features a hand crafted pendant of a Quan Yin Buddha in fine silver. She is a one of kind creation made of fine silver clay. When fired the clay becomes .999 silver
  • which is more pure than sterling silver. She has been given a light patina in bluish green tones which goes wonderfully with the beautiful blue aqua terra jasper that accompany her. All other metal components are sterling silver
  • including the hammered pendant suspender and the clasp. Aqua terra jasper is a very earthy stone... the splashes of blue look like little bodies of water on the surface of a planet giving the stones a very celestial feel. Fitting companions for a Goddess :)

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with Daw B Designs

Audra Baade asked:
Stunning! Did you carve the Buddha?
Daw B Designs answered:
Thank you Auphelia :) I wish I could take credit for the Buddha bit...but the main part was created by taking a mold of a jade Buddha, then pressing the silver clay into the mold. I then added to it and had to carve in more detail. The frame and the bail were sculpted by hand.
Susan Bowerman asked:
Pretty. Nice job on the pendant. Nice, nice, nice!
Daw B Designs answered:
Jenny Vestal asked:
What a beautiful pendant! Have you been working in silver clay for a while? I love all the components you have combined to make a truly unique piece of art.
Daw B Designs answered:
Thanks Jenny! I just started using silver clay a couple months ago... totally love working with it. Hope to do more :)