New Tutorial Design, But It Needs a Name

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? That I was able to work out the pattern so it's repeatable.

What you will need

  • gf wire
  • crystals
  • sew-ons
  • and gf beads

Q&A with Bobbi Maw

KJewelry 120859 asked:
LOVE IT!! I like the name of Twisted Petals!
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you KJewelry! I am still thinking about it - I still have a week or so before I'm finished writing and editing :)
Maopa asked:
wow! that's cool:)
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you very much Maopa!
jennabee25 asked:
Playing off of KJewelry 120859's suggestion, how about Twisted Crystals? These are beautiful rings, by the way.
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank yoiu Jenna! Hmmmmm, maybe Twisted Jewels? Wired Flames?arrrrgh :)))) lol
sunnyb64 asked:
The opal one especially looks cool!
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you Sunny!! The opal is my fav - have been wearing it while writing the tutorial - like I needed another ring right? :))
Freda Chatham asked:
how about Bobbie's twist
Bobbi Maw answered:
Hi Freda!! mmmm I don't think I want to name a tutorial after myself :)) I hope I figure it out soon, the tutorial is almost done - am hoping for some sort epiphany :)

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