Created by: Desert Shine

Natural Copper Cabochon Necklace

Who is this project for? Women

You Can Make This

Desert Shine made Natural Copper Cabochon Necklace with:

  • Natural Copper Cabochon
  • waxed leather cord
  • copper wire.

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with Desert Shine

rubyjule asked:
you are an inspirational artist. i have not tried copper folding yet, but i want to. even more so now. i want to meld this folded look with the tabbed bezel i saw you do...... i love the looik you have achieved. the folds accentuate the natural spot on the stone for balance and the cording makes the greys in the stone pop out and stand there all pretty. i really like your stuff.
Desert Shine answered:
Thank you so much Rubyjute! What a kind thing to say. I just folded this copper with my flat-nosed pliers. I used silver bezel wire for the bezel. It was a fun piece to do and I'm learning as I go..
slightlytouched asked:
The textures and the way you balanced the piece asymmetrically not only makes it one of a kind, but evokes an emotion for those who see it. Definitely reflects strength of the woman who wears it. Beautiful.
Desert Shine answered:
What an awesome comment! Thank you for your thoughtful response. My style of artistry is "earthy elegance". I'm glad this piece evoked that type of response. Lynne
jbmac asked:
This is just so lovely. I am very new at fold forming, but must say I love it. I am wondering if you soldered your bezel to the copper? I am new to bezel making as well. If you did solder it, what sort of solder did you use? I would love to give this a try with maybe sea glass and copper?
Desert Shine answered:
Hi jbmac. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I did solder the bezel to the copper. I used Sterling wire for the bezel and silver solder. I was really New when I did this piece. I think it was my second try. So I know you can do it!

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