Lyre Echoes

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • My original idea for this was to create a paisley shape
  • from that concept
  • I developed this necklace. The central pendant is made using a variety of techniques
  • the main frame is shaped and hammered
  • to give the wire a textured finish. I have then added matt olive seed beads and used the wrapping to create a pattern around the frame. I have then used delicate knot work to form a bezel to secure a faceted oval Peridot bead to the centre with a faceted citrine sitting above it. The necklace is made with handmade links of copper wire of varying gauges
  • which mirror the shape of the main pendant
  • these are alternated with herringbone wrapped citrine bead links. The multi strand necklace is made with matt olive seed beads with Citrine and Peridot
  • finished with handmade wire cones. The whole piece has been oxidised This necklace was named by Helen Cumberland
  • who was the winner of a competition I ran on my facebook page. I really liked this name as it not only described the shape of the main pendant perfectly
  • it also made reference to this shapes being repeated through the necklace. Thank you and well done Helen! Thank you to everybody that took part
  • It has been really interesting to see how a design is viewed through other peoples eyes :) Necklace length 18 Pendant height 1 2/3 width 2/3

Q&A with Abby Hook

FoxDesigns asked:
Abby, another amazing piece!!!
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)
MadScientistsDe asked:
Love it! Do you have a tutorial available for this one?
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you - this technique is on my 'to do' list for tutorials, I hope to get to work on it soon, but show schedules are getting in the way at the moment :)