Leaves and branch silver pendant

Project Description

Who is this project for? Other What advice would you give someone starting this project? Feel free to message me for instructions on how to make your own pendant!

What you will need

  • Fine silver precious metal clay

Q&A with Mandana Studios

MamaStu asked:
Beautiful! I love all your designs...very organic
Mandana Studios answered:
Thank you! :)
Chrisd123 asked:
I really would like to try this - can you send the how-to?
Mandana Studios answered:
Hi - you will need 25g of PMC3 (Precious metal clay), a torch(small butane one), a few fine grit sandpapers and a twig or leaf. You want to oil your hands lightly with olive oil (keeps the clay from sticking). on a non-stick surface, roll out the clay, using playing cards, pile 5 on either side of the clay and roll it to that thickness. I use a piece of PVC plumbing pipe as a rolling pin. When your clay is rolled out, take your branch or leaf and press it into the clay. Gently remove it and with a pin or craft knife, cut out the shape of the pendant you want. Let it dry (air dry or on a cupwarmer) put any left over clay in plastic wrap so it doenst dry out. When the pendant is dry, drill a small hole at the top for the jump ring to put a chain through, or make a small circle of clay and stick it to the back for the chain. For beginner, I suggest using a jump ring (like I did at the bottom of this pendant to attach the dangle part) When you have the hole drilled and everything is dry, lightly sand the edges and sand any marks in the clay you dont want there. Now you are ready to fire it with the torch! place it on a fireproof surface, always were safety glasses! fire the pendant, it will flame for a second, thats ok - just the clay burning off. Keep the flame on it until it glows orange, keep moving the flame on and off to keep it at a consistant temp, careful to not melt it! Keep it glowing orange for 2 full minutes. Then its time to quench it in water, it will be white. Use a brass brush or dremmel tool to brush off the surfaces and you will see the silver come up!