Leather "N" Blue

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What advice would you give someone starting this project? Very easy to make but be sure to keep the first few beads straight when you are putting it together...other wise they get to moving around to the wrongs side of the leather...

What you will need

  • Leather Chord and Blue Beads

Q&A with Hook N Hang

artnmind asked:
super cute :) how long did it take?
Hook N Hang answered:
Thank you! I have two young children so between them and the bracelet it only took a few hours...probably could take a lot less..LOL
runay asked:
That is would *you be willing to share instructions? Oh goodness...lol
Hook N Hang answered:
This isn't an origninal of mine..I found it on the internet somewhere...I am out of town for a week but when i get back I will try to find the lind\k and send it to you
Hook N Hang asked:
Hook N Hang answered:
Here it is...they are absolutely beautiful..I am playing around with using crystals..you can make them longer and wrap them around several times if you want...