Labradorite Cab With Beaded Bezel

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What advice would you give someone starting this project? A friend of mine taught me how to do this a long time ago. Happily, though, there are some good books on the market about making beaded cabochons...see what Amazon has for sale, and consult your local beading shops for information! Plan to make this on a day when you're not rushed...there is a lot of small detail work, patience (have to allow the fixative on the back of the cabochon to dry before you can continue!) and backstitching involved.

What you will need

  • I used a beautiful Labradorite cabochon that I'd been saving for a while. I glued it to a very stiff piece of black felt and stitched a bezel around it with size 8 seeds and size 11 seeds to finish it.

Q&A with vanillasquare

BeadSphere asked:
Very pretty!
vanillasquare answered:
Thank you! :D Was just looking at the rest of your work, also....very nice!
sdzavala421676 asked:
I saw some pendants made in the same style at our local artists market. She made them with different kinds of opals......beautiful. Her prices were in the $1800 range. Yikes. Yours is quite beautiful too. Thanks
vanillasquare answered:
Thank you! :D Wow, $1800 is a lot of dough!

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