Hearts and Flowers

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • Glass beads
  • metal heart which was colorized with gilder's paste
  • head pins in gunmetal and beading wire.

Q&A with Susan Bowerman

Scottiegran asked:
very pretty and a good acheivemenr
Susan Bowerman answered:
I appreciate that, Scottie Gran! Thank you and have a great evening!
Amiyumi asked:
Wow, that's lovely! I love the colours!
Susan Bowerman answered:
Thank you, Amiyumi! I love the colors, too.
MissMary1585 asked:
You have a natural talent for combining color, form, and function. Awesome!
Susan Bowerman answered:
Oh Mardeck, thank you so much. I was happy with how this piece came out. I appreciate your kindness!

Skill Level