Galaxy Bracelet

Q&A with Cherita.Md

immisceo asked:
This is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of toggle closures and those wire-wrap skills are perfect!
Cherita.Md answered:
Thank you! My first try at this hehehe I love toggle clasps too :-)
flootzavut asked:
This is so cute! Those beads are really kinda funky and retro and fun and then the wrapped links and the toggle clasp are so classy and elegant. It's a lovely juxtaposition, really works beautifully! Also looks really tactile - I feel like if I saw this in a shop, I'd at the very least want to pick it up and try it on.
Cherita.Md answered:
Wow! Thank you so much! I really love this bracelet & rarely take it off :-). Just FYI all the beads came from Joann's during a GREAT 50% off sale ;-)