First Ever Attempts At Wirework!!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That it wasn't a complete and total disaster! Hardly worth the title of project but I am ridiculously proud of my first attempts so I'm posting anyway ;) The bead is too big for the wire (4mm is way too thin for a hamfisted beginner!) so my attempt at a wrapped loop (a plain loop didn't want to stay in, I guess because it's thin wire?) disappeared inside it. There's a teeny tiny spiral at the other end. My second attempt was the closed spiral, though my attempt to make a loop on the end of that was disastrous, so I just cut off the messed up wire. I think me messing about trying to make a loop made the outside of the spiral open up a bit and it wasn't perfect to start with. My third attempt was the silver coloured wire. Wire was very springy so I badly marred the centre just trying to hold it tight enough to turn the wire round the kink.

What you will need

  • 0.4mm copper wire
  • random bead that was the only one I could find to hand. Silver coloured copper wire 0.8mm.

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