Falling Copper Leaves

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? Turned out better than I expected. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I've never given up on a peice, I just keep working it until I get it right. Sometime you may just need to walk away from it for a few minutes & when you come back to it you'll see the answer.

What you will need

  • Polymer Clay Acrylic Paint Glitter

Q&A with LynzCraftz

sewmom asked:
I love the "stone" in this piece!! What do you buff and polish with?
LynzCraftz answered:
OK it's confession time...1st of a this is the only peice I've ever done this way( it's pretty popular with some crafters but to me it's too expensive). 2nd of all I decided when I saw how it photographed I'd have to get more familiar with it, & decide it's not too expensive at least for some peices. It's liquid polymer clay, mine is liquid sculpy. When I baked this stone I had accidentaly used a glitter in it that wasn't heat safe( the white one) & it protruded out of the stone & was very ugly ( looked all spikey). So after the usual sanding & buffing I still wasn't really happy with it, it just didnt sparkle or shine. So I tried this liquid clay tip I saw, It's just a thin layer of the liquid clay baked over the stone then plunged into cold water. Then I sanded & buffed as usual, & then it has a couple of coats of gloss polyurathane.
Florida Sewist asked:
Hi Lynn. This is my favorite of your pieces here. i am new to the clay, haven't done very much of it. Love the leaf detail on this piece.
LynzCraftz answered:
Thank you so much. It is very different from the other peices. I'll be starting some new peices just after the holidays.