Eternity Cuff

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I really like the combination of colors and materials. I think this bracelet will be beautiful for Autumn and can be worn with anything from velvet to denim. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If I make another one of these, I will make a smaller Peyote band. Embellishing this cuff was tedious due to the width of the piece and I wanted very little of the band to show.

What you will need

  • Fireline
  • seed beads
  • pearls
  • mother of pearl and denim chips.

Q&A with Susan Bowerman

gunadesign asked:
I see what do you mean by a gypsy and hippie , but still in nice. These colors and organized chaos makes me to feel happy
Susan Bowerman answered:
Told ya! You want to see chaos, you should see my beading table. It is a wicked disaster at the moment. It is a wonder I can find anything!
Stringing Beads asked:
This is beautiful, but I doubt it if I can make this kind, I am still a novice, this bracelet is so intricate for me! Chaotic table beading? My husband who is handyman, is going to make me a corner stand where I can place all my beads as they are all scattered on my table but placed in a little plastic containers......:-)
Susan Bowerman answered:
If you've done Peyote stitch you make a base with it the length you want the bracelet to be to include the clasp. Then you start embellishing the bracelet with beads from front to back, trying to keep the thread from showing on the back side. I think you can do it, it just takes a good while. As for the handyman project, tell him to make you need 2 stands! If you are like me, you'll outgrow the first one in record time! Thank you for your kind words, and YES YOU CAN! Truthfully, I'm still a novice in a lot of ways myself. I just ask myself, "What if (I did this or that) and Why not?" and then I try it. You get a lot of bloopers that way but also quite a few winners! Take care!
Scheri Manson asked:
This is an absolutely beautiful cuff, The colors and texture are perfect with sweaters in fall..........
Susan Bowerman answered:
Thank you, Scheri. I really appreciate your comments.