Earthy Elements

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What advice would you give someone starting this project? Patience is a virtue. I need quite a bit of it when I make one of these!

What you will need

  • Assorted seed beads
  • pearls
  • Wildfire beading thread
  • metallic clasp.

Q&A with Susan Bowerman

KJewelry 120859 asked:
Beautiful! Perfect for Fall/Winter!!! LOVE IT, as usual!! Do you make all the strands w/ the Wildfire, then do you braid them or twist them, or what?
Susan Bowerman answered:
Thank you, Karen. It starts with a long strand of beads, then you keep weaving into that strand for about 5 inches on each end (modified 3 bead netting), then for the middle part, you do it more loosely, then resume that 3 bead netting toward the other end. You keep working back and forth until you are satisfied. It is tedious because ultimately, it is one strand that keeps growing, This technique takes me forever but I love the way it looks. When I make one of these, my shoulder hurts for days because I am working with such a long length of thread and the motion is very repetitive.
Linda Correll asked:
love this! I was wondering Susan, would u recommend the book ?
Susan Bowerman answered:
Absolutely! Beverly Ash Gilbert has an extraordinary artistic eye, and really explains color in a multifaceted way. The book is loaded with colorful illustrations, great text, and beautiful projects. It is the most inspiring book I have purchased for my jewelry making to date. Yes I would buy it! Immediately! Plus you have great color wheels to help you with your creations which are included in the purchase. Tell "Santa" you need "Beaded Colorways" in your stocking!