Dragonfly sculpture

Project Description

Who is this project for? Home What are you most proud of? The wing detail

What you will need

  • I have been experimenting recently with wire sculpture and have scaled up my dragonfly pendant. This little fellow has a 5 1/4" wingspan and measures 4 1/2" from head to tail. I have made him with blue glass beads and copper wire. Due to the size
  • I have added coiled frames around the beads on the body
  • to add detail and strength. I have also woven the wing wires
  • more space allows me room for more detail ;D My original plan was for him to hang in the garden
  • but I am thinking that I might keep him in the house now. You could even wear him as a HUGE pendant :)

Q&A with Abby Hook

Grammy Schmidt asked:
I made my first dragonfly with silvertone wire and acrylic beads the other day while I was mentoring teenage girls at their school. It was really pretty and I was very pleased with my results. Now I'm inspired to do more. Love the wings they look so lacy and ready to take flight!
Abby Hook answered:
I would love to see the dragonfly you made Grammy, have you posted a picture? The wing detail is the aspect I am most proud of with this design. Thank you for your comment :)
mochadq187258 asked:
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)
storygirl asked:
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)
QuiltladySweden asked:
lovely dragonfly your work are so nice
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)