Desert Butterfly wire woven bangle

Project Description

Who is this project for? Other What are you most proud of? I have only been doing wire work for a couple of months so I was thrilled that this bangle came out so well!

What you will need

  • 16 gage copper wire
  • 26 gage copper wire
  • quartz stone.

Q&A with TjeCan

wireolici65122 asked:
Blogger cant find this blog?
TjeCan answered:
Opps, typo! So sorry! If you google wickwire Jewelry the first link to come up has the open weave bangle listed. click on that and you are there! Thanks about the loops. I started with the smallest ones and the larger ones just called out to me. The last largest one on one side was a little tough as I repositioned the wire a couple of times and it was pretty work hardened. One more time and I would have been out of luck!
Desert Shine asked:
Beautiful piece. If you can let the stone and the wire take the lead, you've got it made! I think it's one of the most important elements of wire wrapping. People are always asking me for patterns, but to be honest, the most beautiful pieces I've ever created are from stones/beads that I just "started wrapping" and let the stone guide me. Great job!
TjeCan answered:
Thanks for the kind words for this beginner! Love your pieces. Thanks so much for sharing them here!
MomGrandma asked:
TjeCan answered:
Thank you!
FoxDesigns asked:
This looks great!
TjeCan answered:
Thanks. It is just an adaptation of the pattern you used. You can do so much with that pattern! Your wraps on the base of your bracelet look fabulous. Much tighter than my first attempt on this one!
Marilyn Dolin asked:
How do I get the desert butterfly wire woven bangle as a project for myself to create?
TjeCan answered:
I did this bangle free form using the wikewire jewelry tutorial I mentioned in the posts above. There is no tutorial for what I did. I just made the wires longer and then formed them into the butterfly curves.