Daisy Post Earrings from Long Magatamas

Project Description

Who is this project for? Girls Who is this project for? Women What advice would you give someone starting this project? The pair of shiny post earrings, shown in the pictures, is just another version of my daisies that can be made using my tutorial. * Materials You Will Need *: - 2 pieces of 7 cm (2 ¾ inches) of 20 ga (0.8 mm) round copper wire - 2 pieces of 70 cm (27 9/16 inches) of 28 ga (0.3 mm) copper wire - 18 pieces LMA-457BV Opaque Metallic Copper Long Magatama Miyuki Seed Beads - 2 pieces DP457 3.4 mm Miyuki drop beads (antiqued bronze hue) - 8 pieces R11/148 Toho seed beads (peach hue) - 24 pieces CR11/06 Czech seed beads (metallic gold hue) - one pair of ear nuts (silicone stoppers) * How To *: First, you need to harden well the 20 ga round copper wire, preferably prior to cutting off the spool the necessary lengths. * - In step 2: given the fact that the long Magatama seed bead hole is bigger in size than the dagger bead hole, we shall use 70 cm (27 9/16 inches) of 28 ga wire instead of 30 ga wire, for modeling the daisy flower component. - In step 3: you will model a three loop spiral for the top of your ear wire instead of the two loop spiral needed for the dagger bead version of the earrings. - In step 4: when you begin the assembling of the earring components together, replace the topaz hue Miyuki drop for the antiqued bronze Miyuki drop. - In step 5: when you add the embellishing seed beads to the center of the flower, begin with individually wrapping in place, first thing, the 4 Toho seed beads (peach hue, in this case!). Next, instead of adding just one seed bead of the second color (the Czech metallic gold, in this case!) onto the wrapping wire, add three seed beads at a time, and neatly wrap them around the Miyuki drop, as per instructions given within step. * Except for these minor modifications and materials replacement, which will spectacularly change the look of the Daisy Post Earring design, just follow the instructions given by me within tutorial to model your own Daisies.

What you will need

  • Long Magatama seed beads
  • Toho seed beads
  • Czech seed beads
  • Miyuki drop beads
  • copper wires
  • silicone stoppers

Q&A with Alina Panduru

Nita Johnson asked:
This pattern and the colors you used are scrumptious.
Alina Panduru answered:
Thank You so much for the lovely comment! So glad you like it. :)