CopprClay and Resin and Wire, Oh My!

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? The shell embedded in resin. I've not used Ice Resin for very many projects and this turned out about as good as can be expected. I'm also proud of the last minute bead I added. What advice would you give someone starting this project? In hindsight - the gauge of wire I used to wrap the bead and connect to the pendant portion was a bit too hard. I should of used either a lighter gauge wire or annealed the wire before trying to work with it.

What you will need

  • CopprClay Carving Tool Ice Resin 16 Gauge Wire 2 Beads Silver ball 2 Shells

Q&A with Kalika

jennasado33458 asked:
16 gauge is much too heavy for earring work. If you want the thickness, try an 18 gauge dead soft, not hard or half-hard. Annealing will make it harder. You can harden the deadsoft with your rubber mallet, but you cant go backwards! Wire-sculpt.com has great free advice, too. Hope that helps. ~jenna of jennas adornments
Kalika answered:
Thank you for the advice. You're right, the wire gauge is a bit thick for ear rings - next time I'll give the 18 gauge a try. The wire I purchased was dead-soft - however I think I may have worked hardened it a bit too much. I am a little confused about what you have to say about annealing making the metal harder. Every book I've read states that annealing will soften the metal. In fact in Metalwork: Wire Fusing & Other Micro-Torch Techniques,Denise Peck shows you how to anneal half-hard wire prior to working with it to soften the metal before trying to work with it