Cabernet Coins

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I am enchanted by pearls and I love the rich hues in this piece. Because some of the pearls are top drilled, they add welcome texture to the design and the fiber element gives it more visual interest. This necklace was designed to be worn twisted. It can be worn plain, but looks much better with a few simple twists. What advice would you give someone starting this project? All strands should be made the same length. A word of caution: omit the fiber if you want your piece to be worn twisted and free falling. The fiber strands tend to "find each other" and clump together when worn untwisted. Since a twisted necklace had been my intention from the onset, the fiber challenge is of no consequence to me.

What you will need

  • Assorted pearl beads
  • glass and seed beads
  • fiber
  • 49 strand wire
  • cones
  • and a magnetic clasp

Q&A with Susan Bowerman

Stringing Beads asked:
Wow! You are very creative with many ideas, this is sooo beautiful indeed! Love your creativity!
Susan Bowerman answered:
You are so, so, so kind! Thank you so much.
Aga Kruk asked:
Susan, this is a nice example of combining many shapes and textures together, and all of it works so well together.
Susan Bowerman answered:
Thank you, Aga. I am pleased with the result.
KJewelry 120859 asked:
Love the nice rich color! BUT, how did you get the fiber through the pearls?? They are notoriously small holed! I've not worked with fibers, but this does inspire me to give it a try!
Susan Bowerman answered:
Hey Karen. I didn't. I just used the fiber as strands unto themselves and then twisted everything. I wish I had had something to weight the fiber down but none of the materials I used had big enough holes. To finish, I crimped the individual strands to a wrapped loop and tied in the fibers. So there you have it!
Vresrose asked:
Im in love with your beautiful necklace, love both colors and materials.
Susan Bowerman answered:
Thank you so much. I looked at your work, too. Those TILA bracelets are sooooo nice. TILA beads drive me crazy!
archipelago asked:
It would not be the same without the fiber. It gives it another dimension. Can I ask, what is the fiber made of and where did not get it?
Susan Bowerman answered:
You certainly can. The fiber came on a card that contained 6 fibers, approximately 4 yards each. The card is called "On the Surface" and subtitled "Embellishment for the Fiber Artist." This card, where the fiber for the necklace came from, was called Fine Wines with an inventor number of FWT 110. Studio Baboo in Charlottesville, VA carries this product. They do have a Facebook page and are lovely people to deal with.

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