brown "plants"

Project Description

Who is this project for? Children What advice would you give someone starting this project? don't rush any projects, because you will always make it better when you take your time. if you rush, you might forget to close the bracelet and everything would fall off!

What you will need

  • brown bugle beads
  • gold/yellow beads
  • brown seed beads
  • memory wire
  • round or flat nose pliers.

Q&A with iluvchocolate

Laura59 asked:
It would be great to make a necklace to match. I personally like memory wire because it's so easy to put on and take off. But I was told before I made my first piece to make sure I used cutters made especially for this type of wire, otherwise I'd lose many nice pairs of pliers! So far the best cutters I've found were in my husbands toolbox-he gave me two pairs of Craftsman! Who says mechanics tools can't be used for jewelry-making? Thanks for the project-you will probably make a lot of beaders try this very satisfying type of beading!
iluvchocolate answered:
yeah, that's a good idea! i agree, memory wire is really fun. my mom said the same about pliers. i agree, as long as the tool workes, it doesn't matter what it was made for. thank you for your very considerate comment!
moon4791 asked:
Simple and exquisite!!!!
iluvchocolate answered:
thank you!
Laura59 asked:
you're welcome. Your designs and colors are awesome!
iluvchocolate answered:
Thanks so much!
iluvchocolate asked:
note-you can do this pattern with any colors and beads-i just made the Bugle-seed-big seed-seed-bugle combo.
iluvchocolate answered:
if you live in the bronx or riverdale or yonkers, you can come to my company's craft sales-i'll post when we are going to have a sale. the most recent upcoming sale that we know of will be the medieval festival in the city. please come-we would appreciate your business! :)