Bracelet with Tila & Magatama Beads

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Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with sibel62

Enchantedjewelry2012 asked:
I was curious as to how hard this was to make after taking the class? I'm afraid I'll just be wasting my money, because I just doubt my abblities! How high/how much would you suggest this class for someone who really has no experience other than just putting using crimp, toggle, and beads, to make jewelry so far? Thats about all I know how to do as far as jewelry making!! Please get back to me if you wouldn't mind!! Thank you, Laura
sibel62 answered:
Hi Laura, You are so welcome. Well I started weaving using a small loom as in the link: You can make similar bracelets using a small loom. I hope you will enjoy weaving as much as I do. Have nice days. Sibel

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