Bracelet copper brass silver

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? Finished it! I am proud of the fact that I completed another project. Sometimes doing twenty things at once makes it hard to finish one so when one does get done I am grateful. _Has been given away to a local whom picked it out when she came by to say hi. :) What advice would you give someone starting this project? As always take your time and while mulitasking is part of life be sure to do the dangerous stuff while you are able to concentrate on one thing and not cooking supper doing laundry paying bills or planing your food for the upcoming week. The time in making something can be overwhelming when you are always on the go be it kids, pets or just plain survial. Always keep an open mind and if you have to change your idea then be open to it, do not block yourself into a corner and demand perfection. I messed up many times on this and broke it twice and after cleaning resolder and then having to redo the chains and holes at certain points I still was able to complete a bracelet I would and do wear. Boom! :) ENJOY WHAT YOU DO- BE HAPPY- LIFE IS TOO SHORT-HAVE FUN WITH YOUR IDEAS-:) happy monday! sfol

What you will need

  • brass copper silver chain easy solder hole punch jumprings 4mm and 3 mm clasp torch chasing hammers punchs mandrelmetal sheers files panten gel renaissance wax sparex water

Q&A with ARGrover

shellsybells asked:
Gorgeous! I love it :)
ARGrover answered:
three years later.. :) thank you!
KJewelry 120859 asked:
Love your piece!! And AMEN to the last of your post!! Something we ALL need to remember! Can't wait to see more!!
ARGrover answered:
Two years later .. :) Thank you so much! I move kind of slow sometimes.. :)
yinet asked:
wow!!!! This piece is just amazing! great job!! I am learning diferent medias and I wish someday I'd be able to do this. thank you for the inspiration.
ARGrover answered:
Two years later.. thank you so much! I gave this away to a neighbor whom loved it.. :) It really was a joy to make though my fingers would not say so.. :)
Kate Richbourg asked:
Great inspiration. The chain is a great addition to the piece.
ARGrover answered:
one year later :) I move really really slow somedays.. every day is a Monday.. :) thank you! I love soft chains and if I could of I think I would of added even more. :) I really enjoy working with metals.

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