Bangles - heat colored in the oven

Project Description

Who is this project for? Girls Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I'm still in love with Mary Tucker's beautiful Twisted Bangles. Mary Tucker (wiredelements) is an amazing artist and one of my favorite designers. In May she published a video tutorial for her beautiful Twisted Bangles ( I loved the video and the concept so much that I simply had to make a few more of them. The whole design is very flexible and can be modified in so many different ways. I just love how different and unique the bangles can look depending on which elements you use. For these I used round, coiled and twisted wires in different gauges, halfround and round wire for the weave. And I experimented with regular and erratic weaves. A while ago I found out that you can heat color copper in a regular oven. I tried to experiment with heat and time, but wasn't very patient and so they all turned into an orange/pink/reddish color. One was baked for 30 minutes at 180 degrees C (about 356 degrees F), one for 10 and one for 15 minutes at about 220 degrees C (about 428 degrees F). The last picture shows the bracelets before I put them in the oven. A friend managed to get a beautiful yellow/golden color, ( so I guess I have to experiment a bit more with more patience the next time. And another friend, Chistine, added beads (, and I think later I will also embellish one of these bangles.

What you will need

  • round
  • coiled and twisted copper wires in different gauges
  • halfround and round wire for the weave

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