Awesome Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Cuf

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What advice would you give someone starting this project? not for the beginner.

What you will need

  • sterling silver wire
  • lavender variegated faceted agate beads

Q&A with JewelryArtistry

Lavonne asked:
This is reminiscent of Art Nouveau style and it's very beautiful!
JewelryArtistry answered:
thank you very much.
Desert Shine asked:
Beautiful piece!
JewelryArtistry answered:
Thanks so much.
beaderjayne asked:
Lovely! I love the look of wirewrapping, and have tried it a few times. Sadly I just can't get the wire to sit neatly. I get mad and go back to my beadweaving! lol :-)
JewelryArtistry answered:
Thank you very much. Are you using square wire? It makes a world of difference. Then just practice, practice, practice. There are some very good tutorials on the internet.
jewelry lady asked:
is all the wire in this flat? thanks. oh, and what gauge would work best. think i will order some flat wire.
JewelryArtistry answered:
I use square & 1/2 round for all my wraps. the gauge depends on what I'm making. 22 ga 1/2 hard works well for these. If I'm doing something fancier (with curliques, etc.) I use dead soft. The gauge can change with the hole in the beads - pearls for instance have holes too small for 22 ga.
jewelry lady asked:
oh, one more question, is this meant to just slide over the hand or do you have to open it a bit to get it on then mash closed.
JewelryArtistry answered:
You put it on however it works best for you. It bends to fit. I also make them with clasps - whatever works with my mood at the time.