Antique Sterling Francis I Spoon Pendant

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? How unique it is

What you will need

  • A Large Antique Sterling Serving Spoon of Francis the First Pattern. Sterling wire
  • Pearl

Q&A with Stelata Jewelry

sublime222083394 asked:
Lovely pendant, I have a lovely fork but my wrench is to weak to bend it and have not got a bender.
Stelata Jewelry answered:
i used a vice grip.... you know, the kind that you attached to a table and tighten so it won't move. I used a hack saw to cut it with as well. Thanks for the compliment, hope this info helps. Good Luck.
Stelata Jewelry asked:
At the very top of the pendant ..that is where I cut the spoon. Then I bent the handle over away from me into a "U" shape. I the slid the bowl portion of the spoon into the "U" and positioned the handle inside the bowl where I wanted it an then squeezed the u so it was snug and wrapped wire.
Stelata Jewelry answered:
Obviously there was a portion of the middle of the handle not used.

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