Mary P. Murphy
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Foothills of the Adirondack Mt

Mary P. Murphy is an emerging artist in upstate New York, with a studio in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, where the surrounding landscape and natural beauty inspire many of her works. She has been recognized in regional shows with master status and awards. After a successful career in corporate communications as a speechwriter, she is now dedicated to art full time. Mary is also committed to lifelong learning, and she has taken ... Read Full Bio »

Mary's Craftsy Classes


Watercolor Flower Bouquet

Learn how to paint watercolor flowers with delicate petals, bold blossoms and dramatic light! Explore color theory with fun exercises in mixing hues to convey mood, and create a monochromatic study to hone your skills in depicting lifelike value and depth. Discover compositional strategies for a scene that engages your viewer, and begin painting with fluid transparent washes. Use wet-on-wet blending to build layers of jewel-toned petals, and apply the drybrush technique for detail and texture in your bouquet. Plus, learn surprisingly simple ways to correct any problems, and how to crop and frame your work for the best result.



Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques

Play with size, scale, texture and a variety of water-based mediums. Learn advanced watercolor techniques alongside artist and instructor Mary Murphy. You'll see how to create a complementary underpainting, use masking methods to preserve white space and achieve harmonious color shifts. Then, discover a simple strategy for making compositional decisions and apply a gridding technique to scale your painting to any size. Find out how to use a variety of household items to easily produce amazing effects. Then, explore other water-based mediums: gouache, acrylics and watercolor grounds. You'll even build confidence choosing paper, brushes and pigments. Plus, learn to critique your work, fix mistakes and adjust values for a fantastic finish. 

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Mary's Projects

"Welcome Yule" Christmas card painting
Layering Colors
Japanese Anemone Painting & Value Study
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