Lauren Kitchens
Craftsy Instructor

Dallas, Texas

Inspired by gowns, art and textiles, Lauren Kitchens became the premier wedding cake artist in the Dallas metro. Her mix of contemporary and traditional designs caught the eye of producers at Food Network, where she won gold medals for 3-D characters and replica cakes. One of her cakes was described by the judges as "the best cake ever made on Food Network." She teaches around the world, as well as on Craftsy.

Lauren's Craftsy Classes


Fast-Food Cakes

Learn how to make a burger cake and so much more with award-winning decorator Lauren Kitchens. See how to tort, fill, carve and crumb coat a perfectly shaped burger cake before covering it in fondant. Get airbrushing tips to give your bun an appetizing golden-brown color, and create the look of a realistic hamburger patty. Finish your burger cake with tasty, convincing modeling chocolate toppings: cheese, red onion, tomato and lettuce. Then, make an enticing basket of modeling chocolate french fries and a soft drink cake that recipients will mistake for the real thing. Plus, use these sweet techniques to create other favorites: pickles, fried chicken, bacon, milkshakes and even amazing mini-burger cupcakes. Make the most memorable burger and fries any fast-food fan has ever had!

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Modeling Chocolate Magic

Join award-winning cake decorator Lauren Kitchens, and find out how to use modeling chocolate to easily create elaborate designs that would be unmanageable or even impossible to make from fondant. As Lauren guides you through the two-tiered Sea Creature cake, you'll quickly sculpt amazing modeling chocolate embellishments, such as octopus tentacles, that would be a fondant nightmare! See how modeling chocolate makes it simple to extend your designs in gravity-defying ways while you create the enchanting Wizard's Hat cake. Plus, use modeling chocolate to produce the illusion of depth as you make the lifelike Vintage Luggage cake with an enclosure filled with colorful modeling chocolate clothing. Turn your inspiration into marvelous cake creations with modeling chocolate!



Intro to Modeling Chocolate

Add modeling chocolate to your cake decorating bag of tricks! In Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscape Cakes, cake artist Lauren Kitchens shows you how to create textured, colorful cake embellishments from this easy and versatile medium. Lauren takes the city of Chicago as her inspiration, crafting Windy City landmarks from the Sears Tower to Lake Michigan. You'll learn how to add color and textural accents and assemble a spectacular cake that reflects the city you call home — or any favorite place! Lauren also shares with you step-by-step instructions for assembling and transporting your cake.

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Gravity-Defying Cake Designs

Demystify the magic of gravity-defying cakes! Create an easy, sturdy base structure for Lauren's wonderful waffle cake. Mimic the grid pattern of a waffle with modeling chocolate and add scrumptious texture and realistic color. Then, shape a modeling chocolate syrup bottle and attach it to the top of your cake structure. Complete the poured-syrup effect by covering the cake support in amber-colored modeling chocolate that appears to spread out over the waffle. Give your syrup shine with edible lacquer, and finish this delectable design with pats of modeling chocolate butter. Plus, learn techniques like making ice cream from seized chocolate as you discover even more gravity-defying projects.

$24.99 $39.99

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