Jenny McCoy
Craftsy Instructor

Brooklyn, NY

As a pastry chef with more than 10 years of experience in some of the country's finest kitchens, Jenny McCoy has learned to transform classic techniques into inventive and exceptional desserts, many of which you'll find in her book, Desserts for Every Season. Jenny's philosophy on baking is simple: By combining the best ingredients available and a personal creative touch, anyone can expand their repertoire to create expertly refined recipes and ... Read Full Bio »

Jenny's Craftsy Classes


Icing on the Cake: The Ultimate Frosting Toolkit

Expand your frosting toolkit for an endless repertoire of show-stopping cakes. From buttercream to ganache and even fudge, pastry chef Jenny McCoy shares her secrets in the only frosting guide you'll ever need. Warning: This class may result in overwhelming demand for your dessert creations!


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Beyond Vanilla: Flavors From Around the World

Draw delicious inspiration from six different regions as you explore new and different cake flavors alongside pastry chef Jenny McCoy. Take a flavorful sojourn to Scandinavia as you create an airy Swedish princess cake with raspberries and marzipan. Next, give guests a taste of tropical Madagascar with a coffee-banana chiffon cake bursting with bright flavor. Discover the subtle yet satisfying Lebanese pistachio-rose cake. Then, transport clients to the northern reaches of Italy with a luscious chocolate-hazelnut cake. Add a kick of spice to dessert with a Mexican-inspired chocolate cake featuring cinnamon and chile flavors. You'll refine your repertoire further with an elegant Japanese-inspired green tea entremet cake. Plus, learn to create custom flavor combinations that satisfy any sweet tooth.


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Simple to Sensational Doughnuts

Join renowned pastry chef Jenny McCoy as she shares the secrets behind making a variety of bakery-style doughnuts at home! Expertly mix dough for fritters and classic cake and yeasted doughnuts. Then, learn how to roll out and shape your dough for melt-in-your-mouth long Johns, doughnut holes, Bismarcks and beyond. Jenny will show you how to use a heavy pot you already have in your kitchen to fry your doughnuts. Plus, get tips on using the right oil, and how to build and maintain the right temperature to achieve browned but tender doughnut perfection. You’ll also find out how to expertly fill your doughnuts with tempting vanilla bean custard, mascarpone and more. Finally, dip, dunk and decorate your pastries with homemade vanilla glaze, flavored sugars, toasted coconut and even bacon — just try not to dig right in! 

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Creative Flavors for Cakes, Fillings & Frostings

Renowned pastry chef Jenny McCoy teaches you to dream up and test your own flavor pairings for cakes, fillings and frostings that are tailored to any palate. Along the way, learn nine base recipes, so you have the foundation to build the most memorable cakes. Make a dark chocolate layer cake, perfect white cake and yellow sponge cake enhanced with flavors like toasted coconut, espresso almond, fresh raspberry and more. Create curds and cooked custards with infused flavors. Whip up a heavenly milk-chocolate lavender mousse and a citrus vanilla bean Italian meringue. Feast your senses on a cocoa, orange and hazelnut buttercream and an enticing tiramisu cream cheese frosting. Plus, learn to assemble everything into a luscious, gorgeous cake with a perfectly balanced flavor profile.


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Swedish Princess Cake
Madagascan Coffee-Banana Cake
Mexican Chocolate-Chile Cake
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